Designs for "Santa vs the Snowman" which aired on ABC and was re-formated for
Imax 3D.
Miscellaneous character designs.
Character design for a short subject being produced at DNA Productions just before work started on Jimmy Neutron.
Character studies of "Lucas Nickel" from "AntBully".  Each panel represents a development in Lucas' character throughout the story.  Here Lucas first arrives in the Ant Colony.
Lucas is sent to "ant school".
Lucas must become an "ant".
Lucas becomes an "ant warrior".
Designs for a proposed Jenny McCarthy animated show.
Helix the Cat was an early mascot for DNA Productions.  He was replaced by Paul the 3 Eyed Monkey.
Goraldo was a character on Back at the Barnyard TV series for Nickelodeon.
This was for an animated commercial for the hat & ball toy the character is wearing.
Space alien character that appeared in an episode of Back at the Barnyard.
Character reference sheets for a Catalan/Spanish language advertising series made in Spain.
They were commissioned by a Spanish advertising agency that had a satellite office in Dallas.
I don't remember the name of the character but the animation was done in Spain.

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