Designs for "Santa vs the Snowman" which aired on ABC and was re-formated for
Imax 3D.
First designs for JOHNNY QUASAR, which later became JIMMY NEUTRON.
Character designs for a spinoff series from JIMMY NEUTRON called ULTRALORD, based on a cartoon that the character SHEEN was obsessed with. These designs were based off descriptions from creator John Davis and artist Joe Riley's designs for Ultralord and Robofiend.
Character studies of "Lucas Nickel" from "AntBully".  Each panel represents a development in Lucas' character throughout the story.  Here Lucas first arrives in the Ant Colony.
Lucas is sent to "ant school".
Lucas must become an "ant".
Lucas becomes an "ant warrior".
An early model sheet for JOHNNY QUASAR, which later evolved into JIMMY NEUTRON.
Helix the Cat was an early mascot for DNA Productions.  He was based on a design by Keith Alcorn, and later replaced by Paul the 3 Eyed Monkey.
JIMMY NEUTRON with Goddard in FLYCYCLE mode and Dad tagging along. Also an early Yokian design from the movie.
Some suggested designs for JIMMY NEUTRON'S nemesis NUMMIE JETRON.
Space alien character that appeared in an episode of Back at the Barnyard.
Princess Oom from the Nickelodeon series PLANET SHEEN.
Some preliminary designs of Doppy from PLANET SHEEN.
Preliminary designs for the Emperor of Zeenu on PLANET SHEEN.
Expression sheet for Nesmith from PLANET SHEEN.
Some more early character designs from JOHNNY QUASAR which later became JIMMY NEUTRON. Here you can see characters that later became Sheen, Cindy Vortex, and Carl.
Character reference sheets for a Catalan/Spanish language advertising series made in Spain.
SHAOLIN PANDAS was a comic strip I tried to get off the ground in the late 1980s. 
A panel from the SHAOLIN PANDAS comic strip. Later, I tried pitching it as an animated TV series.
I almost called the comic "Kung fu Pandas", but thought that was not as good  a title as SHAOLIN PANDAS at the time. I wish I had copyrighted both titles.

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