Paul Claerhout is a storyboard artist, character designer, traditional animator, and comic artist with over 30 years experience in both television and feature film production, as well as traditional 2D animation, stop-motion, and 3D CGI.  
He began his animation career in the 1980s at K&H Productions, a small studio in Dallas, TX that made TV commercials, industrial/corporate/educational films, and a cartoon series called JOT.
Paul also had a long relationship with DNA Productions, working there from their inception in 1987 until their closing in 2006. He was DNA’s first official employee, and the first DNA demo reels were comprised of much of Paul’s own personal animation. In addition to storyboarding, he did much of the initial concept and design work, along with DNA co-owner Keith Alcorn, for the Academy Award nominated JIMMY NEUTRON feature film and the Nickelodeon TV series. In addition, Paul has the distinction of being the voice of “Paul the Three-eyed Monkey” on the DNA logo which appears at the end of every Jimmy Neutron TV episode (
More recently, Paul was storyboard artist for the Emmy Award winning series for Nickelodeon, BACK AT THE BARNYARD, and was the primary character designer and lead storyboard artist for the new Pulcinella Award winning Jimmy Neutron spin-off series PLANET SHEEN, also for Nickelodeon. Currently he is working on the Emmy Award winning Fox TV series BOB's BURGERS at Bento Box.
Paul is comfortable working both digitally and traditionally and is proficient in ToonBoom StoryBoard Pro  and  Photoshop. Check out the galleries for a few examples of his character designs, storyboards, and comics.  For resume, list of credits, and references please contact Paul directly at:

Storyboard artist and revisionist, "BOB'S BURGERS" TV series for Fox Network, Aug2011-present.
Storyboard artist, "THE ADVENTURES OF PACMAN" pilot episode, 2011.
Storyboard artist, "A VERY PINK CHRISTMAS" Pink Panther Christmas special, 2010-2011. 

Storyboard artist, Character/prop/set designer, "PLANET SHEEN" TV series for Nickelodeon, Sept2008-March2010.
Storyboard artist, Character/prop/set designer, "BACK AT THE BARNYARD" TV series for Nickelodeon, Sept2006-Sept2008.
Storyboard artist, Character/prop/set designer, "BOZ THE BEAR" series and Christmas special, July2006-Sept2006.
Storyboard Artist, Workbook, Character Designer,
"THE ANT BULLY" feature film, Sept2003-July2006.

Storyboard Artist, Character/set/prop Designer, "THE ADVENTURES OF JIMMY NEUTRON" TV series, 2001-2003.

Storyboard Artist, Character/set/prop Designer, "JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS" feature movie, 1999-2001.

Storyboard Artist, Animator, "OLIVE, THE OTHER REINDEER" Christmas special for Matt Groening/Fox Network, 1999.  

Animator and Storyboard Artist, "THE WEIRD AL SHOW" TV series, 1997-1998.

Character Designer and Storyboard Artist, "SANTA VS THE SNOWMAN" special for ABC and Imax, 1997.

Animator and Storyboard Artist, "A.J.’S TIME TRAVELERS" TV series 1995.



All artwork on this web site is copyright and property of Paul Claerhout.  Specific character rights are property of Paul Claerhout, Nickelodeon, DNA Productions Inc., Omation/O Entertainment and/or other production agencies, and cannot be used without permission by the owners.  Artwork published on this web site is for demonstration/portfolio purposes only.


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